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Services + Experience Offered

Loan Pre-Approval

Connect with a preferred lender to help determine budget, financial picture and mortgage advice. Our lenders will assist with everything from full underwriter approval to improving your credit score for better loan products.

Property Search

Through a variety of desktop and mobile search tools, we will setup property search tools to maximize success when finding your home. Once found, search will include property touring to help determine what is right (and not right) for your dream property.

Offer Expertise

When it comes time to present offers, we will prepare a detailed Comparable Analysis as a recommendation for an offer price. An offer package with include assistance with the purchase contract, proof of available funds, personal letters and also pre-approval letters from qualified lending institutions.

Marketing + Staging

We utilize an in-house marketing team at Climb Real Estate to bring your property to absolute prestige. Partnering with top local photographers and renowned stagers, we increase the final sales price of your home with fewer days on market!

Escrow Management

Acting as the quarterback of your escrow, we will be the center of communication for all involved parties including both buyers and sellers, the lender, title and escrow, plus any service providers used during the escrow period.