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For Buyers

8-Point Plan To Winning Offers

Follow this plan and you will find your dream home faster than the average buyer. 80%+ of offers written with Davis finish 1st or 2nd in the market.

1. Initial Consultation

The most important part of this process is to best understand YOU. We will sit down to discuss your wants and desires in a home purchase. This includes understanding your target neighborhoods, desired budget, home aesthetics, commute and much more.

2. Loan Pre-Approval

Connect with a preferred lender to help determine budget, financial picture and mortgage advice. Our lenders will assist with everything from full underwriter approval to improving your credit score for better loan products. Our lenders have strong market reputations and will make sellers more inclined to work with you.

3. Property Search

Through a variety of desktop and mobile search tools, we will setup property search tools to maximize success when finding your home. Once found, search will include property touring to help determine what is right (and not right) for your dream property*.

4. Open House Coaching

Believe it or not, how you act at open house can be memorable. You need to be open and friendly, engaging with the listing agent for questions and leaving a lasting impression. The listing agent is the one who recommends which offer to accept, thus we need to show our commitment. Multiple house visits are recommended to show enthusiasm for the property.

5. Agent Relationships

Davis consistently gets offers accepted based solely on his relationship with other agents and brokers. Days leading up the offer, he maintains contact with the listing agent to extend the clients’ desire for the house. He will gauge interest levels and strategically gain knowledge about the competition to give you a competitive advantage at the time of offer presentation.

6. Disclosure Review

Prior to any offer, we will review property disclosures. These are documents provided by the seller to give us insight to the property. They can include seller questionnaires, natural hazard disclosures, property inspection, title reports and HOA documents. Davis will comb through these to point out red flags and make sure are you comfortable and knowledgeable about any property.

7. Offer Expertise

When it comes time to present offers, we will prepare a detailed Comparable Analysis as a recommendation for an offer price. This is where experience is key. When you couple a strong offer price with attractive contingencies, you will be considered one of the best offers. We pair competitive offers with a personal buyer letter, plus a pre-approval from the bank.

8. Escrow Management

Acting as the quarterback of your escrow, Davis will be the center of communication for all involved parties including both buyers and sellers, the lender, title and escrow, plus any service providers used during the escrow period. Our goal is to make the escrow period and smooth and exciting for you as possible!